Rapid Reviews – 3-in-1

I’ve finished a couple of books recently that I don’t really have a lot to say about, so instead of droning on, I’m going to 3 mini reviews all in one post.  Here goes.

KillingPilgrimKilling Pilgrim by Alen Mattich

This one sort of took me by surprise. I haven’t read the first book in the series, nor am I a fan of mystery/thrillers. I picked this up because it had a Canada sticker on it (though the author wasn’t born here, nor does he currently live in the country) and I have to read a number of Canadian titles every year.  I started in on it and was hooked almost immediately. The story alternates between Sweden in 1986 where the Prime Minister has just been assassinated, and “modern day” (1991)  where intelligence agent Marko della Torra is getting drawn into an American investigation to find the assassin.  Now that I think back on it, not a lot really happened, but it was still a great read.  I found the whole atmosphere to be strangely engaging and enlightening, especially for people like myself who are unfamiliar with the ethnic conflict that was about to erupt in this region following the breakdown of Yugoslavia. Recommended.


WitchWraithWitch Wraith by Terry Brooks (Dark Legacy of Shannara Book 3)

I’ve been reading Terry Brooks for as long as I can remember.  He was my introduction to the genre of Fantasy, and to adult fiction in general.  He’s the kind of author that I read because I always have, not because I find his books to be extraordinary.  He continues to write in a well-developed world, and there are always elements that feel old and used.  But it’s comforting just to be back in familiar places and check in to see how the locals are doing. That being said, this trilogy was one of his better offerings of the last few years in my opinion, and I finished the book excited to see where things go next.  Brooks has announced that the end of Shannara series is in sight, with just 3 more books to come.  It will be sort of the end of an era for me, but I’m happy to hear that there will be a planned conclusion to the larger narrative. And with any loved series, there’s always the excitement of going back to the beginning and living it all again.

PoisonPoison by Sarah Pinborough (Tales from the Kingdom Book 1)

I bought this for my Kindle app a long time ago it seems, and never really got around to reading it.  Last night, with a terrible headache, I decided to dull the lighting on my iPad and give it a go. It’s a short re-telling of Snow White, but like all fairy tale stories these days, Pinborough has added a ton of awkward sex and profanity.  I’ve seen it done really well, where these additions serve to update the story and made it more complex, but in this case, it just fell flat and I always felt like the plot was there just to get us to next bit that would make me sit back and say, “Oh…racy!”. Except that it wasn’t. It was just weird. If re-tellings are your thing, then maybe you want to check this out, but then again, maybe not.


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