Queen of Candesce by Karl Schroeder (Virga Book 2)

QueenofCandesce I finished Book 1 of this series, Sun of Suns a couple of weeks back and was excited to start in on this one to see where Schroeder took us.  I had a lot of questions about Virga itself (how it was created and why mostly) and was hoping to learn more about some of the characters.  Minor spoilers ahead.

Queen of Candesce follows the story of Venera Fanning after her theft of the key to Candesce, the largest and most important sun in Virga.  Last we saw her, she was badly injured and adrift in space with seemingly little hope of rescue.  I found her to be one of the most interesting characters in Book 1, so I was glad to see her land in a new nation and watch her adapt to new situations.  Finding herself in a dangerous place with little chance of escape, Venera begins learning all she can about the political underpinnings of the world around her and makes the most of it.  A highlight in watching her stake a claim to an old broken down kingdom whose royal family hasn’t been seen in years.

Unfortunately, I didn’t care for much else about the story.  Venera is fascinating to watch, but the characters around her were numerous and all a little flat.  I felt that I still hadn’t learned much more about Virga, and with the exception of the introduction of a new revolutionary faction, there wasn’t much more to the story other than Venera getting mixed up in local affairs.  I’ll likely still continue on with the series and see what’s going on back in Slipstream with Chaison Fanning, but I’m not in any rush to at this point.


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